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The Karoo Lifestyle Center A Unique Shopping Experience

The Karoo Cafe and Square stand alone, an envied rarity in the hustle and bustle of South Africa's capital city Pretoria.


Visitors feel as if they are transferred to another time and place.

Karoo Cafe and Lifestyle Centre is described in their websites as:



"In the times that we live with the focus on land development, existence has been mostly reduced to the mantras of location, timing, short term needs and financial killings, whereas what is really needed is a deeper understanding of the highest form of human settlement ... "The Creative Community."

Click on logo to find out more about what you can do at our Lifestyle Centre:

Art & Creative Classes at Loads of Ideas

Make your own Candles at Candles for All



From the outset, the purpose of the development of Karoo Square has been to slowly build a creative community where the members would be free to, through innovation and the pursuit of uncommon ideas, get past the perceptions that limit our notion of the possible.  Once this can be achieved there exists endless possibilities to design and create enviroments which are conducive to living consciously, the experience of simple beauty, culture as a way of life and ultimately personal happiness.

An ongoing objective of the Karoo Square community is to spread the knowledge and skills which flow from the creative processes of its different hubs. As education is regarded by the community as one of the most important long term needs of our society regular workshops and classes are held where the useful results of experiments in sustainable architecture, pottery, art, horticulture, graphic and textile design, culinary art and other disciplines are taught.

Ecologically sensitive design and sustainable building are the guidelines in the development of the project.  Juliana's Golden Mole, a red data list species thrives on the property and is fiercely protected.

The Karoo Lifestyle Center has evolved out of this philosophy and has been designed with these principles in mind.  The emphasis is on the Creative Community and part of this is to include our children by teaching them at a very young age the benefits of creativity and "out of the box" thinking.

The Karoo Lifestyle Center is the home of peace and tranquillity, here one can rest, relax, refresh yourself and recharge the inner batteries of your soul, while exploring, enjoying yourself and indulging your need for some unusual entertainment.

The Lifestyle Centre is a complimentary addition to the range of shops already established at Karoo Square which include; A Restaurant, Pottery Studio, Nursery, Art Classes & Gallery, Picture Framers, Book store, The Lifestyle Centre, Clothing, Printing and Design Studio and Antique Furniture Showroom.

Join us at the sanctuary for the sane.   


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